Announcing a revolutionary high fidelity loudspeaker for budget conscious audio enthusiasts.

The Levett Audio LA-E1 is a hybrid design utilising an electrostatic driver for middle
and high frequencies, reinforced with a matched dynamic driver for low frequency support.

Electrostatic speakers have a long history, the most famous being the British Quad models 
and more recently the US manufacturer Martin Logan and the Magnapan ribbon type derivatives.
Electrostatics are popular with DIY speaker builders and almost have an 'underground' 
reputation with HiFi audio web sites. 

As a general observation this type of speaker is best suited to genres - orchestral, jazz,
blues, female vocal, male vocal, quartet, folk, live instrumental, avant garde modern and 
particularly live recordings.
The LA-E1 is not recommended for heavy rock, metal, club dance etc. where at high sound 
pressure levels exaggerated low frequencies are predominant.

The working prototype measures 1020mm tall, 215mm wide and 325mm deep at the base.
Similar to the size of a conventional domestic loudspeaker and designed for listening 
areas up to 30 m sq floor area with sound pressure levels to 100dB.

The electrostatic driver is 500mm x 150mm panel, the LF driver is a high quality dynamic
150mm unit mounted in a sealed, acoustically subdued enclosure.
Crossover is managed by second order arrangement to LF and first order to panel at 220 Hz. 

Frequency response is calculated as 45Hz to 20kHz +/- 3dB
Efficiency 89 dB @ 1W 1m
Power handling 50W rms continuous
Nominal impedance 4* ohm
Weight per speaker 16 kg.
Amplifier 50 to 100W rms into 4 ohm nominal load. 
*Note that electrostatics present complex loads to the amplifier and a prospective purchaser 
should check amplifier compatibility. An amplifier that happily drives 4 ohm loads should
not have a problem driving the LA-E1's.

Why revolutionary?  Electrostatic speakers traditionally belong to no compromise audio 
enthusiasts with budgets to be admired and partners that either share the same passion 
or are accommodating to the point of having very large panels in the home.

The LA-E1 is best described as an entry level electrostatic speaker where the listener
can experience and enjoy the spacious clarity and detail that electrostatics exhibit in 
a normal domestic listening room without the high cost and intrusive nature of +2m tall 

The cost? 
Estimate is $1700 per pair. The prototype is made from quality Australian sourced 
components and materials,obviously many parts are not made in Australia, an unfortunate 
outcome of globalisation.
The prototype cabinets are locally built and the intention is to retain this activity
here in WA. The prototype is paint finish but the limited production first run will be 
in lacquered Australian Jarrah veneer with a choice of gloss or low sheen finish.

?Why would I consider these speakers in favour of others of this price with outstanding 
A discerning audio enthusiast will read reviews, arrive at a shortlist and then conduct 
listening tests to confirm the best product for their use.
At this point in time we do not have recognised reviews to direct you to.
We can offer a listening test of the prototype in Perth WA by appointment; you will
not be disappointed.

The LA-E1 offers a relatively low cost opportunity to own and enjoy this audio 
Electrostatics have been described as the closest thing to being at a live acoustic 
performance - hence the genres nominated earlier. Ask yourself what reproducing audo
is all about - if it is attempting to create the experience of 'being there' 
electrostatics are a definite step closer to that realism than conventional boxes.  

?What does 'limited production mean'.
Levett Audio will build your LA-E1's to order, currently there is no shelf stock.
Anticipated delivery is 3 weeks after placement of order. Please appreciate that
these units are largely hand built and assembled and will have a unique build 

Derek Levett - Designer.